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Coming soon: Storylandia 4

Michelle Brooks
Kathryn L. Ramage
Megan Feldman
Theresa Hinkle
Fred Skolnik
Cover by Molly Kiely
A contest to win a free copy! Stay turned, fiction fans. We’ll get the contest rollin’ at 12 AM Pacific Time on September 26.

“Three Days Standard Bereavement” by Michelle Brooks, “Heorrot” by Kathryn L. Ramage, “Ashes” by Megan Feldman, “Of the Night” by Theresa Hinkle, “All the Lonely People” by Fred Skolnik
Where to buy: Online (10% discount with this code: FUXBWW3E); Amazon; Kindle; Nook; ePub; Other places.

Cover: “White Poppy Seeds” by Molly Kiely

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