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Storylandia 18 review on Amazon

“words flow effortlessly from page to page. A must read.” Amazon review Storylandia 18 paperback, also Kindle Click here to know more about Storylandia 18: L’Amande et La Fleur Want to know how you can help us out?

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Storylandia 14 review on Amazon

“A well-written, scathing examination of 21st-century culture and journalism, done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Mr. Denton is at his best creating characters with an economy most cultural commentators sorely lack. He manages to evoke deep characters with a … Continue reading

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Storylandia 15 print review

“Storylandia is the title of ‘The Wapshott Journal of Fiction,’ published by Wapshott Press. The Spring 2015 issue, Storylandia #15 (Wapshott Press pb, 142pp, $7.60), is dedicated to the work of Julie Travis, a writer who will be familiar to … Continue reading

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Storylandia 16 review

“As with Ramage’s previous Freddie Babington story we are thrown straight in at the deep end. We the readers have two choices: go with the flow or take copious notes. I took the latter route, but wasn’t sure that it … Continue reading

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“Death Among the Marshes” (SL 10) review

“The detective with a notebook is a commonplace in murder mysteries, and Death Among the Marshes pays homage to this trope, not once but twice – the investigating police detective brings one out, as does Billy Watkins, the manservant of … Continue reading

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Two reviews of Storylandia 9, “Rose”, at Library Thing

Note: Storylandia 9, “Rose”, is a 20,000 word novella, not a short story, even an extremely long one. ED “Storylandia is a very brief work of fiction that follows Rose, a “Pretty Lady” who lives in a home similar to … Continue reading

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Five Star Amazon review of Storylandia 3

“Although this book would generally be classified as literary fiction, it certainly has elements of psychological horror in it. The writing is superb, the characterization top notch. At times, the combination of Josette’s insight into her world, and yet her … Continue reading

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Review of Storylandia 3: Dead Girl, Live Boy

“I am sitting on a balcony with a cup of coffee when I open the book. I have been waiting for this moment, a block of time when I can fall into the journey this writer is sure to create. … Continue reading

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Review of Storylandia 3: Dead Girl, Live Boy

“I guess what really intrigues me about “Dead Girl, Live Boy” is the imagery and foreshadowing throughout. One such example is the brother’s reaction to Josette’s divorce: ‘Josh hung up on me and sent me an e-mail the next day … Continue reading

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We even love bad reviews at Storylandia

Storylandia 2 review. (Helpful hint: highlight the text to read) And yet he ends with a plug for us: “Because of this, I strongly urge each and every writer out there to do the following: (1) Write good, literary stories; … Continue reading

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